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FIRE:: Due to the fire situation in Bayview, all day use is closed at Farragut State Park, including the Museum at the Brig and Disc Golf. Additionally, all interpretive programs have been cancelled until more is known about the status of the Bayview fire. Snowberry and Whitetail campgrounds are closed through July 9th, however Gilmore and Waldron Campgrounds remain open for reservations. No boat launches are being allowed from the Eagle Boat Launch, however it may be utilized to retrieve boats that are currently in the lake. For further information please call 855-514-2429
ATTENTION: Please note beginning with 2015 stays, Idaho State Park fees will charge different rates for resident and non- resident customers. This change requires the collection of unique primary site occupant information (name, address, and telephone number) for all sites. This includes cabins, campsites, yurts and group facilities. Customers booking multiple sites under one name should expect a follow up call from IDPR staff requesting primary occupant information.

Farragut State Park, ID

Status: Open year round.   Season Dates
Max reservation window: Fri Apr 08 2016   Later Dates
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